Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Morning Do's and Don'ts

Do leave yourself plenty of time to get ready for church.
Don't practically fall asleep standing in the may get out and realize you only have ten minutes to get out the door.

Do dress your daughters in pretty dresses.  Everyone will oooh and ahhh.
Don't try and dress them five minutes before you need to leave because one will inevitably hate what you have chosen and insist on a wardrobe change.

Do make sure their hair is combed and their teeth are brushed.
Don't forget to remind them to use the bathroom before you leave because the little one will tell you seven minutes into your 35 minute backroad drive that they need to go potty.

Do keep a towel, disinfectant wipes and an emergency change of clothes in your car.
Don't hesitate to think twice about hitting the drive-thru after church, even if it is after lunchtime, because you never know if this is the day that your child will get sick and you will get to witness projectile vomit happening in the backseat of your SUV or minivan.

Wish I had read this list at about 8:00 this morning...I might have had a better day.  Hopefully I can help save another mother with this prophetic wisdom!